Frequently Asked Questions



Does State & Main offer any vegetarian options? 

Absolutely. We have a range of lacto-ovo vegetarian appetizers and entrées for you to choose from, like full-size salads, flatbreads and pastas. Just ask your server or check out the menu on our website. 

Are there gluten-free options as well? 

While we are not a gluten-free environment and products containing gluten are prepared in our kitchens, we do offer menu items that can be modified to accommodate a gluten sensitivity. Just ask your server or check out the menu on our website. 

How do I find information about allergens and nutrition?  

Under each of our menu items we have 2 icons.  

SM Nutrition This icon will provide you the nutritional information for our dishes.  

SM Allergy This icon will tell you the allergies within the dish.  

We are concerned for your well being, so please alert us if you have any allergies or dietary concerns.  

Does State & Main serve takeout? 

Most of our locations offer delivery through either UberEatsDoor Dash or, Skip The Dishes. 

You can also order for pick-up through our website 

That said, keep in mind that not all of the delicious items we prepare in our kitchens travel well, and we can’t deliver drinks or our elevated-yet-inviting ambiance to your residence. You still have to come here for those. 

Do you guys have happy hour? 

We have happy HOURS. 2pm to 5pm then 9pm to close, every day at participating locations. If you’re not sure if the State & Main nearest you is participating, just give them a call and check.  

I took an awesome picture of my food. How can I share it with you? 

If your food/drinks/friends are looking particularly photogenic, let us know on Instagram by tagging your post with #StateandMain. We’ll for sure look at it, and might even share your picture with our followers, putting you one step closer to becoming a celebrated social media influencer. 



Where can I find the nearest State & Main? 

The best way is to check our locations page. Google can get a little confused, what, with our name being the intersection of the two most popular street names in North America. 

When do you guys open and close? 

It depends on the location. Check out the locations pageto find the hours of operation of the State & Main nearest you. Or just go early and stay until they kick you out. 

How can I get a job at State & Main? 

You working with us sounds like another great combination. Check out our careers page to read about all the employment opportunities we offer. 

Do you take reservations? 

Some State & Main locations take reservations through OpenTable. Some don’t. However, if you have a group of 6 or more, go to our group inquiry page to make sure we can comfortably accommodate everyone. 

Do all State & Main restaurants seat minors? 

Yes, but because we often have no distinction or division between the restaurant and bar, some locations have a restriction on how late minors are allowed. If you’re not sure about the policy of the location nearest you, just give us a call. 

Does State & Main support local community events? 

Each location is proud to work with local businesses and select charities within their communities. Stop by or call in to your local State & Main and start the conversation.  

Would you like to provide us feedback?  

For general inquiries please Contact Us or fill out our Guest Satisfaction Survey.

How can I buy a Gift Card?

We are part of the UDC family, you can buy at many retail locations or online.